Expobar Brewtus Espresso Machines

For the diehard espresso aficionado, there is no greater luxury than having commercial grade espresso machine just steps away in the kitchen. In 2004, Expobar Brewtus offered the first prosumer espresso machines. All of the Expobar Brewtus models sport a distinctive retro-style stainless steel housing, which complements any home décor. Consumers give all of the Expobar Brewtus models high marks for dependability and consistently great espresso.

Expobar Brewtus

Expobar Brewtus II

The Expobar Brewtus II is a prosumer espresso machine featuring large 1.75 ounce dual boilers; one boiler is for brewing, the other is for steaming. The individual boilers each have their own 975 watt heating elements. The dual boilers allow for better control of temperature and faster time for the heating of the water. This unit does need to be plumbed, as it does not have a reservoir system like some of the later models with vibration pumps. The easy-to read LED digital temperature control allows precision in temperature regulation. There are separate gauges for the steam and brew functions. The unit comes equipped with an E61 style brew cup. Although this model appears to be out-of production, there are previously owned models available for purchase online.

Expobar Brewtus III

The Expobar Brewtus III is the next generation of the Expobar line. This model has the same features as the model previously described. Additional features include a port filter as well as single and double brewing baskets. The Expobar Brewtus III-V has a vibration pump as opposed to a rotary pump. There is no need to plumb the unit. This model includes a 90-ounce reservoir with an automatic low water cut off switch that prevents damages to the unit. The makers of the Expobar Brewtus model III-V introduced a Proportional Integral Differential (PID) control feature, which allows the user enhanced control of temperature. There are a limited number of new Expobar Brewtus III machines for sale online as well as a few used machines.

Expobar Brewtus IV

There are different variations of the Expobar Brewtus IV. There is a version with a rotary pump, which feature a blind filter basket and a brass water adapter. This semi-automatic machine has two boilers, which act independently of each other. A dedicated control switch allows the user to deactivate the steam boiler so the brew boiler is just working hastening the brew time. The insulated steam wand remains cool preventing the user from being burned. There is also a Expobar Brewtus IV featuring a vibration pump with a 90-ounce reservoir and similar features. The current  models also have a built in rechargeable water softener allowing for the use of ordinary tap water.

The Expobar Brewtus line demonstrates a long history of customer satisfaction with its commercial quality espresso machines made for home use. In the rare event, if there is an issue with the machine; Expobar is well-known for its extraordinarily attentive customer service. The quality of the espresso brewed by the Expobar Brewtus rivals that of any produced in an Italian trattoria and this machine is widely regarded among the top home baristas everywhere.